How to win lotto using the powers of your mind.



How to win lotto using the powers of your mind -- What you will need for best results:

In order to get best results with your Predict Lotto Numbers Hypno-Game you will require the following ...
  • Comfortable headphones (I love noise cancelling headphones for my meditations but any type of headphones will do).
  • Privacy (turn off your telephone, pager and move to a warm, quiet and private setting where you will not be disturbed.
  • A chair or cushion where you can rest your back.  Do not lie down on a bed or slouch on an arm chair.  Keep your spine as straight as possible and your head unsupported.  Since I will not be there to monitor you, slouching and lying down is likely to cause you to fall asleep.  You will not be getting lotto numbers in that state, but you will wake feeling lovely and refreshed.
  • A voice recorder (preferably) or pen and pad.  I prefer using the voice recorder that comes with my phone.  I found that when listening to self-hypnosis audio visuals using a pen and pad can cause some subjects to emerge from the light trance, if that happens, the session needs to be aborted as the information you will receive is likely to be inaccurate.  This is not the case when a hypnotist is present in the room with you.
  • Drink a full glass of water (plain water) before and after the session.
  • Make sure you are sober and drug free.  Hypnosis and drugs and alcohol do not mix.


How to maximise the best results of your Predict Lotto Numbers Hypno-Game Session:
  • Play the video either the night before or on the same day of the drawing.  Long forecasts do not see to work as well.
  • Sit up with your spine straight and your head unsupported, lean of a cushion or wall. 
  • Adjust your headphones so that they are comfortable.
  • Start the voice recorder
  • Start the video
  • State your intention with conviction ONCE, for example "I want to receive the 8 numbers that are going to be drawn in tonight's (name your game)" 
  • Look at the centre of the spiral until you feel like closing your eyes.  Do not force your eyes shut, simply allow them to close when they feel like.  Keep your gaze on the centre of the spiral and relax.
  • If thoughts come in your mind do not fight them, let them be, keep focusing your attention on my voice and ignore any back chatter.  Brain chatter is a sign that you are alive, so do not fight it, simply ignore it and focus on my voice.
  • Once you have closed your eyes (naturally) keep them closed.  If you have to open them, end the session, wait an hour or so and start again. It is pointless to continue with the session if an event causes you to come out of the light trance. The Predict Lotto Numbers Hypno-Game is so designed to induce a very light trance so that any disturbance is likely to bring you out of the state of hypnosis.
  • When the session is over, remain seated for a little while, do not jump out of the chair, get up slowly. 
  • Savour the good feelings that you enjoyed during the session and bring them to mind during the day.
  • Note down the numbers and PLAY THEM IMMEDIATELY.  Do not postpone playing the numbers or you may forget to do so (it has happened).
  • Do not spend any more than 3% of your income each week on lotto.  Remember with this system more games is not better.  If you can play a system 8 where you select 8 numbers then do so, otherwise play the first 6 numbers that you received.
  • Use this video only once a week.
  • Record your results in a journal.  Write down how deep you went and anything that you felt or saw during the session and of course the numbers you received and how they fared.

WARNING:  If you find yourself spending more than 3% of your income on gambling, please seek help from the many excellent organizations that are freely available.  Google the word "gambling addiction" and call the nearest centre.  Gambling addiction is a serious condition that can ruin your life.  Remember the Predict Lotto Numbers with hypnosis is a game, you are supposed to have fun not create anxiety.

How to win lotto using the power of your mind?  This wonderful Hypno Game can greatly maximise your chances of doing so!

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