Predict Lotto Numbers With Hypnosis

Select your lucky Saturday Lotto Numbers with Hypnosis
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I wish to pick 6 numbers for my local Saturday Lotto game, do you offer a Saturday Lotto specific session?.  Yes! Following many requests from our customers, we have produced a Saturday Lotto specific hypnotic session.   This session will help you pick the first 6 numbers drawn in the Saturday Lotto of your choice. 


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Pick Saturday Lotto Numbers With Hypnosis
this could be the best $20 you ever spent!


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What is the difference between the Saturday Lotto specific video and the standard video on sale?

The standard video is generic and does not refer to any specific lotto game.  It helps you select the first 8 numbers drawn in the game of your choice.  This works for most people.  Recently I have received many requests for a hypnotic session targeting specific lotto games. 

I was also asked to limit the number of balls to 6 balls.   I will be releasing another video shortly based on a six number game.  This video will be structured in such a way to allow you to adapt it to the game of your choice.  Please come back for more information.  If you wish to receive new releases, please join us on twitter or facebook or return to this page often. 




Have you won any money using the power of the mind?

Yes!  I have won over $20,0000 using the powers of my mind. 

My first (and astonishing experience) was when I received a winning combination that won me a major dividend prize of $15,000. 

The numbers were revealed to me in a dream after I completed a session before retiring.  Since then I have won a multitude of smaller dividend prizes. 

There is no predicting how the numbers will come to you as the power of the mind is totally unpredictable, they may come to you during the Predict Lotto Numbers Hypno-Game or in a dream or in some other form--but come they will.

I suspect that we all have the ability to tap in the infinite power of our minds.  Writers, painters, artists, inventors, successful entrepreneurs they all get their inspirations because they are able to tap in the power of their minds.   They seem to have access to information that "normal" people cannot obtain.  This is because "normal" people are programmed to believe that the logical mind is all that there is---intuition and extra sensory perception are considered illusions and fantasy.  This is how the logical mind is able to prevent "normal" people from tapping in the treasure house within. 

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for bringing the powers of the mind to the surface.  Under a light trance, "normal" people are able to display heightened intuitive abilities, they are able to self-diagnose and provide clear solutions to their challenges and some even display clairvoyance and remove viewing abilities.




These are some of the examples of the hundreds of winnings that my mind has produced. 

In the above games my mind predicted 7 of the 8 winning numbers and in the other games the number 9-18-23-27-32-36 all came out in different games. 

Had I played a system 8 I would have won a first dividend prize.  However,  I do not believe in outlaying large amounts of money in lotto games.  I have a budget for each week and I will not allow the temptation of exceeding that budget.  The Predict the lotto numbers Hypno-game is just a fun game which is helping me sharpening my mind powers and I know that one day it will deliver the big one.


Have much do I have to spend to play?

I suggest you pick one lotto game each week.  Watch the video either the night before the lotto game draw or on the same day. 

Plan a budget to play four lotto games or a system that allows you to select 8 numbers.  Costs vary between $5.00 and $24.00 per week, this may vary from country to country. 

Playing every day is not advisable, from personal experience I have noticed that the quality of the results drop when you watch the video every day.  

Remember that when you select the lotto winning numbers using the Predict Lotto Numbers with Hypnosis Hypno Game, you are not relying on mathematical formulas, you are relying on the powers of your mind so playing more games is not better--it is actually counterproductive.




I do not believe I have any mind powers.  I am very sceptical about the power of the mind, will this Hypno-Game work for me?

Yes it will,  I was also sceptical when I first experimented with my earlier hypnotic scripts.  Hypnosis frees the mind and causes the ego or logical mind to stop interfering with your intuitive powers.  It is the logical mind that insists that there is no such thing as power of the mind.  Under a normal state of mind it would be very difficult for you to follow the prompts that are included in the video--but under the light trance effects of hypnosis your logical mind is extremely relaxed and your intuitive self is able to surface. 

Try watching the free promotional video below which includes the first 8 minutes of the Predict Lotto Numbers with Hypnosis Hypno Game, and you will see how powerful it is at liberating your intuition.  If you sense a shift while watching the promotional video below, you are likely to get good results selecting winning lotto numbers.  I firmly believe that watching this video (even the promotional part) will help increase your intuition.  It will certainly relax you and make you feel good.


View a sample of the video

The sample video below is best viewed with the Google Chrome Browser
Are you using Internet Explorer? Click Here to view the sample video


Pick Saturday Lotto Numbers With Hypnosis
this could be the best $20 you ever spent!


Pick Saturday Lotto Numbers Hypnosis Promo




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