Frequently Asked Questions About Predict Lotto Numbers

Predict Lotto Numbers With Hypnosis

Frequently Asked Questions About Predict Lotto Numbers

Can you guarantee that I will win Lotto using this video?

There are only two guaranteed things in life … death and taxes.  It would be dishonest and unethical of me to make such a guarantee.

However, what I can definitely say is, that I have used this video to select winning lotto numbers on hundreds of occasions and that others have done the same.

I am now also 100% convinced that it is possible to obtain winning lotto numbers through the power of the mind.

If other people and I have been able to predict 4 and 5 number combinations using this hypnotic script, it is entirely feasible that we can pick six numbers.

So I am confident that someone (hopefully me) will come up with the full six numbers.

Not having yet hit the full six numbers does not take away the thrill I get when I receive mail from customers and friends who have won minor prizes.  My last thrill was winning $1200.  Winning is an exhilarating feeling!

Recently one of my customers wrote telling me that he had used the video to predict the lotto numbers for a major lotto Megadraw—but was dissuaded from playing them by his right-brained spouse–end result?

Five of the six numbers came up paying several hundreds of thousands of dollars.  He wrote me a note saying “I don’t know if to laugh or cry”.

I am now working on developing new scripts to help people develop their remote viewing and clairvoyance abilities.  The topic of mind powers fascinates me–I have made it my lifetime project and will continue to experiment until I do have a mind 🙂


Have you won any money using the power of the mind?

Yes!  I have won over $12,0000 using the powers of my mind.

My first (and astonishing experience) was when I received a winning combination that won me a major dividend prize of $15,000.  This was not related to Lotto, but I used a technique for asking my subconscious mind information about an oncoming event.

The numbers were revealed to me in a dream after I completed the session before retiring.


Winnings specifically related to the Predict Lotto Numbers with hypnosis products

Since I produced the Predict Lotto Numbers with hypnosis I have won a multitude of smaller dividend prizes.

I have predicted 5 numbers once.  Unfortunately for me two of these were those pesky supplementary or bonus numbers :-).  Most of the predictions are between 4 and 3 numbers.


A nice win after playing a System 8 Australian Saturday Lotto


Oz Lotto Win



Typical Saturday Lotto Wins

As you can see I seem to successfully pick between 3 and 4 numbers.  I firmly believe that this is because the logical mind (also known as the monkey mind) kicks in with the argument that “this cannot happen”  sabotaging the whole hypnotic experience.

Your logical mind is probably in fits at the moment.  The subconscious mind does not understand the word “this cannot happen” it starts to go and find the information you asked for.  Unfortunately, the conscious mind easily sabotages this.

I believe that the fact that I am listening to my own voice is also a barrier to success.

So I am pretty confident that one of my customers is likely to be more successful with this product than me.

I perfectly understand that those who do win big are not likely to advertise how they got the numbers.


A simple rudimental explanation of how the monkey mind sabotages the subconscious mind

Hypnotic suggestion:  Your subconscious mind will deliver the winning numbers of tonight Lotto draw

Subconscious Mind: Ok I am on it,  these are the numbers ……..

Halfway through the monkey mind overpowers the hypnotic session

Monkey Mind: This cannot possibly happen the subconscious mind cannot do that

Subconscious Mind:  Ok I cannot do that. I hear I obey.

Most people get wonderful ideas during their lifetimes, but the logical mind quickly kicks in and squashes these ideas using fear.


Have much do I have to spend to play?

I suggest you pick one lotto game each week.  Watch the video either the night before the lotto game draw or on the same day.

Plan a budget to spend no more than 1% of your income.

Playing every day is not advisable, from personal experience I have noticed that the quality of the results drop when you watch the video every day.

Remember that when you select the lotto winning numbers using the Predict Lotto Numbers with this Hypnosis Video, you are not relying on mathematical formulas, you are relying on the powers of your mind so playing more games is not better–it is actually counterproductive.

Seek help if you notice a compulsive need to spend more then 1% of your income each week.


I do not believe I have mind powers. 

I am very sceptical about the power of the mind, will this video work for me? 

Provided you are committed to watching the video or listening to the audio with an open mind there is no reason why it should not work.  At the very least you are likely to feel more relaxed.

I was also sceptical when I first experimented with my earlier hypnotic scripts.

Hypnosis can free the mind and reduce the ego or logical mind interfering with your intuitive powers.

It is the logical mind (the monkey mind) that insists that there is no such thing as the power of the mind.

Under the effects of hypnosis, your logical mind is extremely relaxed and your subconscious mind becomes more responsive.

Try watching the free promotional video below which includes the first 1 minute of the Predict Lotto Numbers with Hypnosis video.  If you sense a shift to relaxation it is a good sign.

free preview predict lotto 8

If you sense a shift while watching the free promotional video below, you are likely to get good results selecting winning lotto numbers.


free preview predict saturday lotto


How much does the Predict Lotto Numbers with Hypnosis Video cost? 

I could easily charge $200 + for this product but for a limited period, the cost remains low.

This is because I am expecting to receive feedback from my customers.  This feedback will help me perfect the script even further.

I will only sell a limited number of this video at this low price below AND I reserve the right to increase the price at any time.

The moment one of my customers wins a large dividend using the Predict Lotto Numbers with Hypnosis video, the prize will go up significantly.

If I win a major prize,  I will withdraw the predict lotto numbers series from sale.


I never get to the lotto numbers prediction part because I fall asleep

This happened to me too for a while.  You see the hypnotic induction is there to relax you and gently cause your brain to vibrate at the Alpha Frequency.

Since most of the world’s population suffers from chronic lack of sleep it is highly possible your body will take the opportunity to take a refreshing nap.

There are two recommendations to help you correct this issue.

  1. Before you start the session say to yourself I want to remain perfectly awake during this hypnotic session.
  2. Make sure to get a good night sleep (8 hours) the night before you use the Predict Lotto Numbers Video.


Lotto Predictions How To Win The Lotto Audio Download


Can I resell, lend, publish this video on my website or YouTube or another medium?

Can I disassemble the video and use parts of it or the transcript for my projects?

No, you may not.  It has taken me years of research and a lot of my savings and time to produce this video.  The video comes with an unlimited personal viewing license

If you wish to purchase a commercial license or wish to buy the video outright contact me at

This video is protected by copyrights and all rights are reserved.


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I updated the Frequently Asked Questions About Predict Lotto Numbers on the 25 March 2018.