how to open your mind

How to open your mind

In this article, we discuss the benefits of being more openminded and less rigid.  We also put forward ideas on how to open your mind.

Before we explore the topic of how to foster a more open mind approach to change and the adoption of new ideas, let us look at the meaning open-mindedness and fair play.


What does open minded mean

I want to make this point clear.  Open-minded people are neither pushovers or gullible.

Open-minded intelligent individuals hold a set of strong beliefs.   When their beliefs are challenged they offer solid factual arguments and undisputed evidence to make their point of view.

However, they are happy to examine other people’s ideas and new beliefs.  Most importantly they will never ridicule others or treat them with contempt.



how to open your mind


Define a closed mind

You will agree that the ego is a fierce opponent of new ideas.  The ego is also the most vehement opponent to human evolution.  Why?  Because the human ego is ruled by fear.  Therefore, the ego responds with fear to anything new.

So whenever anyone dares to challenge a so-called ” truth” that person will experience ridicule and hostility.  History teaches that most people who dared challenge accepted beliefs met with violent opposition and even death.  Once again, the reason for this irrational opposition is fear.

When a mind is closed it is impossible for it to evolve further and learn new ways. 

Moreover, piling up evidence before a closed mind is a complete waste of time.  The close-minded individual will defend the old and discarded beliefs to the death.

I know individuals who will lie and invent fake evidence in a desperate attempt to support their worn-out beliefs.

Let me give you an example.  Before the 17th Century the archaic belief that the Earth was a flat disc.  Eminent minds of that era believed that travelling in a straight line would eventually lead to falling fall off the edge of the earth into the abyss.

Now I am sure you are laughing at this archaic belief, right?

What if I were to tell you that there are groups of people that stubbornly defend the flat earth theory TODAY?  Don’t believe me?  Click on this link and you will stop laughing.


How to open your mind to new possibilities.

Firstly refuse fear to dominate your mind.  We have already discussed that fear is the mother of suspicion and scepticism. 

Right now fear is stopping millions of people from achieving great things.  These people are just one step away from fame and fortune.  Fear is the barrier that imprisons people and chains them to a life of mediocrity and frustration and loss.

Fear is also the mother of racism, and we all know the outcomes of this ugly type of fear.

The secret of how to open your mind is actually quite simple.  Whenever someone asserts an opinion that is different to your own, ask this question in your mind “what if?”.


How to open your mind like pioneers of the past

Only 100 years ago when railways ruled travel, the sight of a mountain brought despair to engineers.  Where it was impossible to drill the mountain, complicated and costly detours had to take place.

Until one man asked, “what if we can fly over the mountain”.  This was the beginning of commercial aviation.

I updated the how to open your mind article on the 8th of March 2018.