Lotto Syndicate online lotto European syndicate

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Lotto Syndicate online lotto European syndicate

Join this amazingly inexpensive and easy European online lotto syndicate and multiply your chances to win by 100!

No complicated forms to fill or expensive and binding contracts, play with this lotto syndicate for a once only game or for as many games as you wish. 

There are no syndicate joining fees or extra hidden costs.   Pay only when you play.


How this wonderful European lotto syndicate works

Each syndicate comprises of 50 members,  you enter your lucky numbers and purchase a ticket. 

If your lucky numbers come up, the prize money is divided with the syndicate.  Of course, if another member of the syndicates guesses the right numbers you also get a share.

In effect, you are multiplying your chances to win by 50 times.   That is a wonderful way to spend your hard earned lotto money is it not?


Who is behind this lotto syndicate online

The lotto syndicate is administered by You Play We Play, a reliable, reputable and trustworthy organization with an impressive track record.

Members of each syndicate can see all the tickets purchased and their accounts are automatically credited when they win.

Because of the nature of this lotto syndicate, members from all over the world now have access to European games such as the Euro millions and other major European lotteries playing huge jackpots.


Did you know that 1 in 4 Lottery Jackpots are won by syndicates? 

Click on the banner for open a free account, no pressure to buy anything.  Play only when you are ready

 Lotto Syndicate online lotto European syndicate


Join A Lotto Syndicate

A syndicate is essentially a group of people who choose to pool their money together to afford an otherwise expensive lotto system.

It is widely reported that close to 25% of all lotto prizes are won by lotto syndicates.

Why? Because more dollars equals greater chances of winning.

If you don’t know of any syndicates, form one! Work-mates and fellow lotto-playing friends are always good candidates to form a syndicate.

So, to give yourself the BEST chance of winning a lotto prize, you MUST do three things:


Lotto Syndicate online lotto European syndicate

I updated the Lotto Syndicate online lotto European syndicate post on the 26 March 2018.