Win Lotto? You are Kidding Me!

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Win Lotto? You are Kidding Me!

Do not waste your Lotto money. Here’s how to win lotto payouts.

If you are wondering how to win at Lotto, or even just to get a payout, you have a lot of company. 

It may be easier than you think, and it’s even more rewarding than it used to be. Read on and learn.

Hopeful lottery winners like you go way back in history, The Chinese tried it a couple of hundred years BC as a way of funding the Great Wall of China. 

The Romans used it to rebuild Rome during the time of Augustus Caesar, and the English had a go around 1569 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth for tapestry, cash and plate. 

In some European countries, it was regarded as a ‘painless’ tax for the building of churches, ports, transport facilities and even restoring empty government treasuries. 

Lotteries have been in and out of favour legally, especially at the beginning of the 20th Century when most countries outlawed it.

Now, with lottery prizes in the mega millions, chances are you will be playing for one of the big rewards. 

But how do you rate your chances, and can anything be done realistically to improve them? 

How can a hopeless dream of a win become a real possibility, and not another night of depression watching the TV draw with your numbers missing?

Today success is closer than it has ever been if you know how to go about it. 

Just a little knowledge, focus and persistence will make a huge difference to what is achievable.

Searching for win lotto systems will bring up many attempts to reduce the luck factor, some of them highly complex ‘wheeling’ arrangements which require interpretation and can end up causing confusion and uncertainty. 

While many lotto systems have been developed, it’s good to know that the scheme you are using was developed by someone who not only originated it but successfully changed his life to multi-million dollar status by his own abilities.

These lotto winning secrets were revealed first in 1991, on the Internet since 1996, and took two years of calculations by the mathematically trained inventor, Ken Silver. 

No matter where you are, you can play in any Lotto that has 5 to 7 balls and up to 59 numbers.

This method revolves around removing some 80% of ‘bad’ number combinations, which historically rarely, if ever, occur, and will not produce a win. 

Winning number combinations do occur in closely set patterns which can be determined by calculation and analysis. 

The hard work has already been done for you. To work this system for yourself requires a pencil and thirty minutes of your time. 

This will give number combinations you will never change. 

In fact rule number one is never to change the numbers once they are selected. These you keep playing for as long as you are buying tickets.

While this is a tremendous breakthrough, it is not enough by itself. Further analysis showed that as well as number patterns, games also have a draw pattern.

This is where the art of prediction really takes off. The final result is a three-part system which proves to be uncannily accurate.

Is a 98% lotto win rate possible? Many people now think so and have proved it for themselves. 

While it is impossible to guarantee every result, the laborious research has been done. Perhaps now your reaction will change from despair to excitement as those results come through and you realise, at last, money is flowing in, not out.


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Richie Goldman is based in Queensland Australia and has a wide range of interests including researching ways of making money both on and off the internet. 

Recently he has become interested in finding any way of decreasing the “luck” factor in Lotto. 

Win Lotto? You are Kidding Me!

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